About us

Kingslands.com is an online marketplace for UK agriculture. We're on a mission is to help farmers maximise their profit potential, by creating an online platform from which they can source fertilisers in a more transparent, efficient, and cost-effective way.

Our Values

Farmers are the ultimate entrepreneurs, managing a highly complex business on their own when the odds are often against them. We strive to have the same values and work ethics as every farmer in the Kingslands' community. All members of our team come from a background in agriculture or grew up on farms.

Farmers First
Fair Prices

Our Company

Kingslands is a specialist agricultural and distribution business delivering fertiliser to farms across the UK. We work a variety of manufacturers, importers and a network of hauliers. All companies we work with are FIAS certified, this helps ensure that the supply chain is safe, reliable and secure for all industry players.

Our story began in 2019 with the belief that technology can radically transform the performance and profitability of farmers. "We want to make farmers' lives easier, and in the process, add value to the supply chain. We can now do this by efficiently matching the farmer to the right supplier and haulier at the right time."

Easy to use, intuitive and built for farmers, our marketplace allows you to source your fertilisers with just a few clicks and at the best price. You can use also use Kingslands a price discovery and intelligence solution, to compare prices, and make sure you're getting the best deal for your business.

Our Team

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Omar Berrada

Coming from a family of farmers (5th generation), and wheat traders. With a background in computer programming and agriculture. Omar strongly believes in the platformization of B2B value chains and the advantage of digital processes. He loves running and has been driving tractors since the age of 15.

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Tim Wood

IT expert with more than 5 years of experience. Tim helped several startups build their first prototype. He also has a strong background in web programming, security and believes in clean and simple solutions. Tim likes physics, rockets, movies and loves to go skiing.

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Kenza Amor

Kenza co-ordinates haulage and logistics nationally for every Kingslands customer. She is also in charge of customer support. She studied Film and Television production at UAL and comes from a family of farmers. She is a passionate movie-maker who loves sports of all kind.

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David Guy

David runs our digital marketing and media buying expert. He worked with several eCommerce companies and helped them grow their business. David worked for several years at some of the best media agencies in the UK. He is a real asset to Kingslands.